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The Beautiful Abaka Beach Resort in Haiti

Durée : 2min 32sec | Postée : 27/01/2012 | Chaîne : Culture & Tourisme

This paradise that is the Ile a Vache sits off the southern coast of Haiti is an absolute gem; a hidden treasure. Populated by beautiful, friendly people, the island is hospitable. Visitors are welcome to wander the various of paths through the fishing villages, beaches and lusciously vegetated backcountry.

The place to stay on Ile a Vache is, without question, the Abaka Bay Resort. Wonderful accommodations, unforgettable food, terrific hosts...and unbeatable price. (bbraten explained it well and I can only AGREE take a look at the few pictures and you'll know why we love it so much) P.S. It reminded me of being at home in Bermuda!