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Stuck by Hero Darq

Durée : 3min 44sec | Postée : 31/01/2012 | Chaîne : Rap Kreyol
Hero Darq,BJth-th-the Mack
Hello kids hit the button

[chorus] BJ

Push that ass on the floor as you rock girl
Really stuck on this spot when you right Thurr
From this club to ma crib it’s a far-thang
Let’s get it started there till the morning

[verse 1] Hero Darq

Go’head push that ass on the floor
But I
Keep zippin’ off a bag full of doe
Cuz I
am straight upon this bitch on vacation
this shawtie gon’ get me stuck zero motion
she got plugs on the wall she emit in
mo’ than beacon on shore she amazin’
swap spit to ma vig then she back it up
feel on ma jeans a new brand
she Educa it up

[repeat chorus] BJ

[verse II] Hero Darq

She got a lot of hell of tricks when she ‘bout to do thangs
Mo’ wayz
I like the way she do thangs
Play fair over round
Put ma team on the ground
Givin’ off haze and I’m down 4 the ball-in around (hoooooo)
She got me spinnin’on a 2-step
Eve got me eatin’ it
Adam gone too strapped
Can’t stand a second stayn’ up wit you
Go till we hit a room get the bitch outta you

[repeat chorus] BJ

[verse III]

Beaucoup bucks off the packs I that move daily
I put on for ma hood she ma black v
Best car she be the black bugatti
Black yard she be the best graphy (damn!)
She surfin’ on top of ma tsunami
Trans’ when I hit the tune low black panties
She fluid mo’ like Moet & Chandon
Jump on ma dick I be stuntin’ like Brandon
We get it flossin’
Jewlz ma’ the sort that you is I be crossin’
Ma doe getting’ big she a part of
a-ddicted to her whim never thought of
she bring a new deal to ma grind
PSP themes she all that in ma mind
I’m rappin’ on noise that she moanin’

[Hero Darq & BJ]
Let’s get it started there till the morning

[repeat chorus] BJ

[bridge] BJ

Bottles up keep niggas bouncin’
Models up keep dicks erectin’
Matter fact I’m really actin’
Go to the room and she be reactin’